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Price of the transport costs:0 PLN NETTO

xDEFALIN GROUP S.A. can offer a possibility of delivery by a forwarding company.
The customer may choose among the following manners of delivery:
1. Courier package (up to 30 Kgs) – 45 PLN net per package (23% VAT rate)
2. Shipment of goods above 90 Kgs – 150 PLN net per pallette (23% VAT rate)
3. Shipment of goods by lorries:
- up to 21.120 Kgs – 150 PLN net per pallette (23% VAT rate)
- above 21.120 Kgs – 75 PLN net per pallette (23% VAT rate)



account number:

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xDEFALIN will accept two kinds of payment for the purchased goods:.
1. payment before shipment.
2. payment on receipt

Payment before shipment (payment in advance) can be made by a customer by means of electronic bank transfer or by money transfer made at any Post Office or bank agency against respective proforma invoice. Number of such the proforma invoice must be quoted in the transfer’s text. The goods will be shipped when the amount due will have got entered into the account books at DEFALIN.

Payment on receipt
Such the payment will be made by cash on receipt of the ordered goods, either directly to the courier or at the nearest Post Office by money transfer (see above).

Total payment :


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HEROS 1000 m/kg

This twine is perfectly suitable for use in binders and in the low crush degree  balers. Alternatively, it is used in balers which roll-up straw or hay. The degree of crush and stress as obtained in ready product allow for using the finest of twines of lower resistance to breakage.

Number of meters per kg (m/kg) 1000
Breaking strength (kG) 40
Knot strength (kG) 22
Spool weight (kg) 2
Number of meters per spool (m) 2000

HEROS JUMBO 1000m/kg

It is made by joining two twines of HEROS standard type in one ball. Such the solution will twice increase productivity of twine, therefore purchase value of  the twine will get twice decreased. Also, the time needed for exchanging the balls gets shortened which results in more effective and economical use of baling machine.

Number of meters per kg (m/kg) 1000
Breaking strength (kG) 40
Knot strength (kG) 22
Spool weight (kg) 4
Number of meters per spool (m) 4000

GOLIAT 700m/kg

This twine is perfect for use in rolling-up balers with low crush degree, for instance in harvest of hay and green fodder aimed for preparation of hay-silage. Since the polyprophylene twines do not react chemically with the sour-turned materials, they are ideal for use in the fermentation process technology, while keeping the bales securely compact.

Number of meters per kg (m/kg) 700
Breaking strength (kG) 56
Knot strength (kG) 31
Spool weight (kg) 4.8
Number of meters per spool (m) 3360

ROLLER 750m/kg

You are looking for better ideas so that you can fully exploit capacity of your baling machines. To meet this expectation of yours, we have introduced a        non-standard solution in a twine made by Defalin. GOLIAT ROLLER twine has some specific properties which allow to increase output in the process of wrapping-up the ballots. Absolutely ideal shape of this twine provides for its perfect operation in baling machines, thus allowing for most effective harvest of straw or hay where balers with low crush degree are being used. Here are the advantages of using the GOLIAT ROLLER twine: ideal shape of ball, high productivity at use of the twine, easy and fluent rewinding the twine from ball, decreased use of spare parts in balers, lower cost of the twine consumption, high endurance of the twine

Number of meters per kg (m/kg) 750
Breaking strength (kG) 56
Knot strength (kG) 31
Spool weight (kg) 4,8
Number of meters per spool (m) 3600

TUR 570m/kg

Properties of this twine are similar to those of TYTAN Standard type. TUR type  guarantees electronicaly measured length 2011 m  and is made from one piece of twine which allow for easier unwinding and better binding in baling machines. >71 kG linear tenacity and >40 kG knot tenacity provide for successful use of the twine in square balers as well as in round  balers at harvest of silage, hay or straw.

Number of meters per kg (m/kg) 570
Breaking strength (kG) 71
Knot strength (kG) 40
Spool weight (kg) 3.6
Number of meters per spool (m) 2011

TYTAN 500m/kg

Designed for use in balers which roll-up green fodder of bigger density aimed for preparation of hay-silage, as well as in small-size square balers with high crush degree which are used for straw pressing.  The TYTAN twine endurance is high enough for use in such the process.
TYTAN JUMBO type guarantees 12% higher productivity than that of usual twine. 

Number of meters per kg (m/kg) 500
Breaking strength (kG) 79
Knot strength (kG) 43
Spool weight (kg) 4
Number of meters per spool (m) 2000

ATLAS 400m/kg

Designed for small-size square balers with high crush degree, of medium level of technical worn out.

Number of meters per kg (m/kg) 400
Breaking strength (kG) 99
Knot strength (kG) 54
Spool weight (kg) 4
Number of meters per spool (m) 1600
Number of meters per package 78